The Vice Chancellors awards have been a feature of out institutional practices for well over a decade, reflecting and expressing our commitment to excellence in all our areas of practice.


Staff who teach and research are recognised and rewarded each your either through a nomination or a Citation or an Award for Excellence.


In my first year as Vice Chancellor, I saw potential to strengthen the focus on key ideas that inform our current Strategic Plan. With that in mind, in 2011 I added the Career Achievement Award category to recognise the contribution that have been sustained and have left a legacy on intuitional practices and systems.


There were 3 Inaugural awards in this category. Inaugural recipients, Wayne Butson, David Jones and Roger Gabb were chosen for their sustained contributions in different fields.


Indeed, the Career Achievement Awards recognise staff who make a lasting contribution to not only Victoria University, but also to their own fields.


The criteria are simple: the extent to which the contribution is sustained, recognised by peers, and contributed to the quality of teaching, research, service and engagement.


Victoria University has a strategic focus on teaching and research and now more than ever before, we are seeking to engage staff to strive for excellence in these areas. We are seeking to develop distinctive pedagogies and curricula that reflect our commitment to empowering our diverse community of students, and grow their capabilities and transform their lives.


I see these career Achievement individuals as outstanding role models for staff at Victoria University., both new and seasoned. Their work exemplifies how it can [positively impact on the student experiences and can have a positive impact towards achieving the goals of the Strategic Plan.

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