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Text on screen: University Lingo


VU Student

Hi there, my name is Laura and I’m a student at VU. Now, you’re thinking about going to uni, you’ll start hearing lots of words you may not be familiar with. Here’s a few explanations to bring you up to speed: ATAR

Text on screen: ATAR The Australian Tertiary Admission rank

Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank. This is the score that you will receive based on your Year 12 subject scores. It is based on a maximum score of 99.95.

Text on screen: Prerequisites Subjects you must complete before you get into a course

Prerequisites. Prerequisites are the particular VCE subjects that need to be completed before you can enter certain courses.

Text on screen: Bachelor of Biomedicine Requires one of the following VCE prerequisites

For example, to study Biomedicine at uni you will need to have studied at least one of the following:

Text on screen: Biology Chemistry Maths Physics

VCE Biology, Chemistry, Maths or Physics. VTAC

Text on screen: VTAC Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre

Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre. VTAC is responsible for processing your application for uni courses and supplying it to the uni that you have nominated. The uni then considers your offer and offers you a place based on the selection criteria for your course.

Text on screen: HECS Higher Education Contribution Scheme

HECS. Higher Education Contribution Scheme. This is the government-funded student loan program in which the government covers the cost of your uni fees. You will then begin repaying the loan once you earn a certain amount.

Text on screen: Certificate TAFE Level Course

Certificate. Certificate courses are undertaken at TAFE level and can teach you can teach you basic skills in a range of fields, as well as trades and post-trade skills.

Text on screen: Diploma TAFE Level Course

Diploma. Diplomas are also offered at TAFE level and offer the knowledge and skills to begin work in a range of professions, or continue on to further study at university.

Text on screen: Undergraduate Your first degree at university

Undergraduate. Undergraduate refers to the level of study you undertake at a university following high school. At uni, an undergraduate course is called a bachelor degree. After you complete an undergraduate bachelor degree course, you can then apply for postgraduate study.

Text on screen: Postgraduate Degree (Certificate, Diploma, Masters) ↑ Undergraduate Course (Bachelor Degree)


Text on Screen: Pathway Transition between courses at TAFE, university undergraduate and postgraduate courses

We offer easy transition between courses at TAFE, university undergraduate and postgraduate courses. We call these connections between courses ‘pathways’.

Text on screen: Postgraduate Courses ↑ Undergraduate Courses ↑ TAFE Courses

Text on screen: Units & Credit Points The credit point system which makes up your degree!

Units and credit points. Each uni course is awarded based on the achievement of a certain amount of credit points. Each unit of study contributes an amount of credit points towards your degree. When the required amount of units have been successfully completed

Text on screen: Units=Credit Points=Degree

and the credit points achieved, you will be awarded your degree. Majors.

Text on screen: Major The main subject you would like to focus your study on

In some courses, you will be required to select a particular subject matter that you are most interested in and would like to focus your study on. This is known as a major. Tutorial

Text on screen: Tutorials Small informal classes to discuss lectures & readings in detail

Tutorials or tutes are small classes that are less formal than lectures. They are used to discuss the lectures and readings in detail. Now I know that was a lot of information to take in, but the good news is, our student contact centre is always there to assist with any questions you may have.

Text on screen:

Student Contact Centre 1300 VIC UNI

Victoria University Melbourne Australia

Victoria University, CRICOS Provider No. 00124K (Melbourne), 2475D (Sydney)

RTO Code: 3113

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