My name's Belinda Basinski. I work in the Corporate Management Accounting Team at CitiPower and Powercor.

During my employment here I've had several years of experience with Co-op students. I've found that the students always come with enthusiasm to try and apply what they've learned at university in the real world and to see what the job's really like. You can see that Victoria University provides good support to the students. Skilling up the students is something that the university does well. Rachael's now been in our business for a number of years, so Rachael was taken on initially as a Co-op student and she's done very well since then to actually be offered full-time employment while she completed her degree.


I gained so much experience and had confidence in myself that I don't think I can ever go back to the shy little girl that I was.


To graduate and to have on your CV that you've got that extra practical experience is obviously very appealing to employers. It works positively both ways and if the employer likes what they see and if you, as a Co-op student, you like where you work, you've sort of got your foot in the door if you can prove yourself.. yeah, there is sort of that added opportunity out there for the taking.

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