Nussen Ainsworth

I’m a graduate lawyer at a commercial firm in the city.


Studying law is about immersing yourself in the law and any law school is able to do that. You know, they provide you with an environment, the library, the classes, the lecturers, the books the texts etc, about immersing yourself in the law. What VLS does, what I found was a great advantage, was that you’re also able to immerse yourself in the actual courts because you’re right in the centre there.


One of the stand out features of Victoria Law School is that they appreciate that it’s more than the theoretical part. You know, there’s a lot of practice and experience and skills that you have to get and they do provide a line of opportunities, and experiences for example in the Magistrates Court program, they have a County Court program, they do something with the Sunshine Youth Legal Centre (now called WEstjustice Youth Legal Centre), and all these opportunities and experiences are open to every student to participate in.


In the County Court program it's a small group of students who go in and they basically have a one-on-one with the Judge over a period of time. It’s phenomenal, because you’re sitting in with this Judge in his courtroom and he’s telling you how the court system works. You just don’t get that anywhere else.


You know, with a law degree you can work for government, you can work as a criminal lawyer, family lawyer, commercial lawyer, banking. You know, it’s a really great degree to have no matter what your future holds.


There’s a program that the law school has, it’s a mentoring program, and the mentor I was assigned to I’m still in touch with him today, and I run things by him.


I mean, the support that the faculty offers there, because of the size they’re able to offer that unique one on one support.


Court proceedings are infamously know and associated with large volumes of documents. I’ve been giving some presentations on the ipad and how a lawyer could take advantage of the ipad and make it work to their benefit. You know, be more efficient more productive and you know, ultimately paperless. More environmentally friendly. More organised. Less clutter. It’s Cheaper.


I mean they say you know, a law degree is the key to the world. You know, you could do anything and everything and the opportunities and the directions are, are limitless.

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