Catherine Balmer, VU Gender Studies Lecturer - transcript

Catherine Balmer, VU Gender Studies Lecturer - transcript

Catherine Balmer

My name’s Catherine Balmer, I’m the Gender Studies Lecturer and Discipline Coordinator, Victoria University. I’m a Gender Studies Lecturer and I’m surrounded by visual artists, writers. I’m really quite well situated it’s a wonderful place, a lot of creativity. We have really good quality teachers and really good quality up to date education curriculum.


I came from Latrobe. I did the first part of my degree at Latrobe and I moved here. Very very different. Very different contact, very different contact with students and lecturers. A lot more interaction with the lecturers, a lot more personal.


Other universities tend to be a little bit more, a lot of competition between students. Victoria University definitely, there was a different feel to it. I was the first member of my family to go to university. I sort of experienced a lot of some of the same difficulties that students here sometimes experience. After experiencing an older university, a bit more sort of traditional type of university, coming here, there is a lot more innovation, a lot more sense of keeping up with new ideas.


It was quite fresh. A lot of support for students, there’s a lot of focus on pastoral care, you know we really spend a lot of time with students trying you know make them feel comfortable, make their experience, particularly in the first year. For a lot of students it’s about employability.


For us it’s about developing intellectual knowledge and awareness. I guess that they are going to come out of it with a full all rounded degree, a rounded perception of the world around them, and maybe the ability to hopefully be lifelong learners.

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