Tom Clark

My name’s Tom Clark. I’m a Senior Lecturer at Victoria University in public relations and professional writing. Victoria University has an ethic. Its really important as a lecturer to have a focus on what the students want and need. You meet a few students in your first lecture and you quickly personalise what’s going to work for this group. So you know, I’ve got someone sitting in the fourth row and she confesses outright in the first five minutes of a semester that she relates better to pictures than she does to words. That student reminds me I’ve got really use the slides to be illustrating things at the same time as I’m speaking to them for all the students who are there for the spoken word.

The engagement is what attracts the staff to work at VU. The capacity to engage between your creative output, your professional work, your research work as well, and then the interface with students so through the teaching. What drives my passion for teaching is the same as what drives my passion for research and it’s the same as what drives my passion for administration which is the bane of academics lives- when you give people the chance to learn at the highest level then that’s so exciting because students learning at the highest level actually means me learning at the highest level too.

It’s a line of work where the ideas are just popping all the time. If you can’t sense that in this line of work then its like walking down the garden path and not smelling the roses. You know, great ideas are everywhere. That’s the library behind me. There’s amazing stuff going on here every day.

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