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VU Student

Hi, my name is Marco and I’m a student at VU. Fees apply for all uni courses in Australia and fee amounts vary according to your course.
You may pay your fees directly to the university at the beginning of each year, or if you prefer, you can defer your fees through the government loan scheme.

Text on screen: HECS Higher Education Contribution Scheme

This means that the government covers the cost of your uni fees and you begin repaying the loan once you earn over a certain amount.
You will also need to pay an annual Students Services and Amenities fee.

Text on screen: Annual Student Services & Amenities Fee In 2016 this was $290 for full-time students

Your course may also require you to purchase equipment or text books, so be prepared for this expense.
If you decide to move out of home or must move from the country or interstate to study, you might also need to consider other costs, such as rent, board and relocation costs.
If you need financial assistance, scholarships are available. We offer over 500 scholarships each year to support a range of students in various ways.

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Victoria University Melbourne Australia

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