At present I work in the Learning and Teaching Taskforce in the Faculty of Health Engineering and Science. Previously I’ve worked in in the centre at the University level, but at this end of my career, I’m working at a faculty level, and I thoroughly enjoy that.


I was outside of the University system for 10 years working as Director of Education in the College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. Coming to VU, Meant I felt very comfortable, making that shift, coming back to working to make things better for students who hadn’t necessarily had a very good start in life.


Oh, I think that there are lots of things that are distinctive about Victoria University, it’s distinctive because it’s got a strong emphasis on providing opportunities for students who might not get into University if they didn’t come to VU.


As far as the learning and teaching environment is concerned, that’s changed fairly dramatically. Sixteen years ago, there was almost no e-learning. We used email, but that was about it. One area that almost completely divided students and teachers was about recording lectures. Just about every student wanted every lecture recorded. Lecturers on the other hand, were by no means as sure.


The death of the lecture has been predicted for hundreds of years, but now when there’s so many different ways of communicating information is that the way to go? Because of the increased advances, you can now record these things and access them at home or anywhere, so on and so forth… lectures are now different, and what we have to convince teaching is that, you know, this is what’s happening. I don’t think it’s dead, but I thinks it’s going to change. I kept on doing the same old stuff basically, kept the same focus, the same priorities for 16 years, hammering away at different ways at the same issue which is about improving the learning environment for our students.

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