When you're packing and getting ready to leave, make sure you have your valid passport, student visa, and any other relevant paperwork readily available.


You will be asked to show this on arrival to Australia.


It's a good idea to bring a couple of copies of your passport and visa details with you.


You can leave one with your family back home, and you can bring one with you and keep one in your baggage.


Besides that, don't forget to bring any prescriptions for your glasses, any prescriptions for medical conditions or anything about medical stuff that you need to know about.


Melbourne as they say has four seasons a day, so you need to have a range of clothing you need to bring with you because the weather varies a lot. So you don't want to pack too much because excess baggage can be very expensive and the extra stuff you want you can buy in Melbourne everywhere. You've got heaps of places.


By now you're probably really excited, but here's a few last minute tips:

  • Check and confirm your flights. 
  • Remember to arrive at least a week before orientation. 
  • Have some Australian currency on hand. 
  • Make sure you've booked somewhere to stay, we'll be talking more about that later on.
  • And if you need to be picked up from the airport on arrival just contact international student support at least 10 days before you depart. 
  • Bring something that you love from home and get some souvenirs you might give to your friends and stuff you know. 
  • Some sort of memory you want to keep and remember home with.

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