Throughout my degree I had a lot of lecturers that were able to sit down and go through specific areas and it's one of those things where you just have to ask the right question.

As part of your third year you need to do one year full placement in industry. It allows students to really network with industry as a whole and see where their career can take them.

What I love about the university it that it does offer career expos. At the career expos it allows industry representatives to meet with students and network quite well.

From there I was fortunate enough to be accepted into the Crown Hotel's cooperative placement and I was exposed to quite a few departments, ranging from housekeeping through to reservations, front office as well as the Crystal Club etc, so it was quite good and definitely gave a lot of insight into the industry.

After that I was attracted to the marketing side of hotel management. It was then that I did my Masters in marketing, and then it was just a matter of seeing what was out there in industry and what would suit my career options.

I moved on to Quest Serviced Apartments corporate office, and from there took on the role of Corporate Brand Manager. I absolutely loved what I did. I had the opportunity to promote 120 very unique individual Quest businesses. In 2010 we were given the opportunity to purchase a Quest business, and Quest Royal Gardens came about. For me to work there now is one of those things that is quite exciting.

My advice to students is that university is so much more than a place to enter a subject, pass it and keep going. You do meet a lot of interesting people along the way and they do have an impact on your life.

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