Text on screen: One of the most industry-connected universities in Australia.

Text on screen: Over 4000 industry connections.

Nicola Roxon – Adjunct Professor of Law, former Attorney-General:

VU prides itself on making sure that students get the best quality education but also some experience that will make them very employable and have strong skills when they get into the workplace.

Text on screen: Industry-accredited courses.

Text on screen: Our teachers are industry-experts.

Alan Kohler – Adjunct Professor of Business and financial journalist:

Well, I think what I can do for VU and for the students there is to provide a bridge and to give the students some insight from the real world of business – what it’s like, how it’s going to benefit them, and what they need to do in order to become successful business people.

Nick Truelson – Chief Commercial Officer, Western Bulldogs:

Something that we’re really proud of is that anyone who's doing a cadetship has to come from Victoria University as part of our overall partnership. And when jobs do come up, they're the first port of call that we go to.

Text on screen: Leaders in workplace learning.

Text on screen: Get hands-on in arts, business, education, engineering, science, law, health, biomedicine, beauty, trades.

Michelle Plane – CEO, Netball Victoria:

It’s not just the, uh, experience they get in their particular discipline – it’s being able to go from being a student in an academic setting to really feeling ‘what’s it like to work in this industry?’

Text on screen: Our students graduate work-ready.

Rachel Gale – VU graduate, sponsorship & marketing at Netball Victoria:

Marketing Comms in sport is a really competitive industry to get into so having the practical experience at Victoria University really gave me that edge over everyone else.

Clare Burns – VU graduate paramedic:

VU has many industry connections in both non-emergency transport and Ambulance Victoria, as well as overseas.

Iván García – Technical Director, Real Madrid Academy Singapore:

We consider that Victoria University is a top institution in Melbourne, in Australia, not just in education but even in sport.

Text on screen: We are industry-connected worldwide.

Text on screen: More than 100 international exchange partners.

Dave Donaghy:

Melbourne Storm values its partnership with VU highly. There’s significant opportunities for both parties and we look forward to working with VU into the future.

Text on screen: Industry connected.

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Note: Victoria University and Netball Victoria had a long-standing partnership until August 2018.