Text on screen: Our professors are industry leaders.

Text on screen: They offer cutting-edge perspectives.

Nicola Roxon – Adjunct Professor of Law, former Attorney-General:

Well, I come to Victoria University after having spent 15 years in politics so I bring to Victoria University a lot of experience in government  and also a whole lot of views about the ways law can be used, not just in the legal profession but in the community at large.

Rob Stary – Adjunct Professor of Law, Principal at Stary Norton Halphen Law Specialists:

And the great attraction for us was that the one thing that the VU students had ahead of everyone else - they were mentored and tutored by significant figures within the profession.

Michael Kirby – Adjunct Professor of Law, Former High Court Judge:

I think the initiatives of Victoria University in providing for in-office and in-court internships are very important and it’s an opportunity to be grasped because this is the way you see the law from the inside and how busy and accomplished practitioners do the job.

Ian James – Adjunct Professor of Business, Managing Director of Mushroom Music Publishing:

Already we’ve got three very clever young graduates working for us and that’s something which is a natural extension of my relationship with the music business course at Victoria University.

Alan Kohler:

Well, I think what I can do for VU and for the students there is to provide a bridge between the university and the business community and to give the students some insight from the real world of business – what it’s like, how it’s going to benefit them, and what they need to do in order to become successful business people.

Text on screen: Learn from the best in the business.

Text on screen: Industry-leading staff.

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