Text on screen: We are industry connected, so you become what employers want.

Michelle Plane –  CEO, Netball Victoria:

We find that people who’ve come through programs particularly like VU which offers both the academic learning and places such a high emphasis on the practical learning gives us people who are ready to work, willing to work, and know how to work, and know what’s required of them.

Text on screen: Our graduates are in demand.

Damian Farrow – Professor of Sports Science:

So we’re really bringing what can be a pretty dry, boring textbook example and bringing it to life with practical examples from in the field.

Clare Burns – VU graduate paramedic:

I loved the practical aspect of the course. I really enjoyed that we had access to prac labs all the time.

Gokul Mani – VU graduate engineer:

Graduates only usually have textbook knowledge and this is not something that employers want - they want something along the lines of practical knowledge.

Rachel Gale – VU graduate, sponsorship and marketing at Netball Victoria:

So it got my foot in the door to have an internship with Netball Victoria and from there I was offered a full time position which I’m now in and loving.

Joseph Carbone – VU graduate, lawyer:

Victoria University’s law course is probably the best-suited law course for people who want to gain practical experience, who want to be in the courts, who want to be amongst a diverse range of people which you also find in the industry.

Text on screen: Graduate job-ready.

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Note: Victoria University and Netball Victoria had a long-standing partnership until August 2018.