Text on screen: Over 600 scholarships offered every year – the biggest range of any university in Victoria: undergraduate and postgraduate, high achievement, western region, elite sports, TAFE study, international.

Cameron Wilson – Achievement Scholarship:

I received the Achievement Scholarship through Victoria University which was based on my Year 12 results during the year.

Kelsey Wells – Chancellor’s Scholarship:

It provides some funding for me so, moving interstate, it’s made it a lot easier.

Jackson Harrison – Elite High Performance Sport Scholarship:

This scholarship not only, sort of, assists me financially, it’s allowing me to be able to afford to do the sport that I do and it also allows me to sort of train at more convenient hours.

Caitlin Kerr – George Alexander foundation Leadership Scholarship:

I get money towards my fees and living expenses for the duration of my degree.

Cameron Wilson:

I’d just like to thank Victoria University for the opportunity.  It’s created a far less stressful opportunity for me to continue my study and finish my study without the worry of work or money.

Text on screen: Scholarships.

Video ends

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