My name is Doris Testa.


I belong in the School of Social Sciences and Psychology and particularly within the Social Work Unit.


I’ve managed to combine industry experience, education and past career. My first career is in Education so I spent the good part of thirty plus years in Education in primary schools.


The other aspect of the industry, I myself worked in child protection for a little while and that gave me hands on experience working with both the university and social work students.


Victoria University prides itself on graduating students who are work ready and who have a range of capabilities. If we didn’t have that with our students, if we didn’t understand where the learning strengths as well as where the learning gaps are, you would just be delivering a course that’s mediocre. We have to aim higher than that and I believe we do with a lot of our students.


Social Work is a professional degree so the Australian Association of Social Work will not accept our course unless its best practice. We can only test that in the field. We have a number of students working on field placement. We’ll have students working in a various ranges of health and mental health services. Those contexts demand a lot of maturity, they demand a lot of application to the task. So we say to our students by way of comparison that all the work at university prepares you for practice.


I continue to be amazed at how our students rise to the challenge of addressing the assessment criteria. It’s a real buzz looking at them and seeing them graduate at the end of four years. Its beautiful. Come on down. It’s a great place.

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