Alexandra Edwards

Bachelor of Exercise Science and Human Movement, Master of Clinical Exercise Science and Rehabilitation

I completed my undergraduate Bachelor of Education 6 years ago, and I felt that Victoria University offered quite a few pathways.

Dr Andrew Stewart

Director, Research Training, Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living (ISEAL)

I’m really passionate about this course, and I know I am because I start tingling when I talk about it. It’s a Medicare funded profession, so it allows graduates to seek compensation for working with various personnel in the community.

We’ve got senior academics, they’ve got global reputations, high profile academics, well-researched who are cutting-edge. I’ve never seen a collection of facilities like this in my life. Unbelievable access to facilities, and hospitals, private settings, placements networks.

Alexandra Edwards

The things I liked the most about the course were definitely the placements we went out on. There was one with Spinal Cord Injuries Australia at their Walk On program. That was incredible to witness, you would never get to do that, unless you were at VU.

We had experts coming into the class, talking about their field. We got to hear first-hand from professionals in the industry what it was going to be like and now again looking back to that subject, it’s all very relevant and I reflect back on that almost daily.

Dr Andrew Stewart

I’m not focused on preparing students just to work in Australia, this is a global employment opportunity.

Alexandra Edwards

I love my job, I work with people very day, I get to make a difference in people’s lives.

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