I‟m a member of the coordinating team of the Secondary Graduate Diploma in the School of Education and coordinator of the Master of Teaching in the School of Education.


I think it‟s (the award) is recognition of the work that I‟ve done as part of a team, within the Grad Dip in Secondary Education. We started off with a very small course, about 15 students, and we‟ve now got a program of over 300 graduate students and I guess it‟s recognition of the team that‟s gone over that period of time.


The exciting thing about it being at Victoria University is that the student mix is a very multi-cultural population and our program is very multi-aged. We have students who are coming in fresh from completing degrees, in their early 20s, and we have people who have been out in the workforce and have decided to take up teaching as a profession. So it‟s a very varied population, and I think one of the great things about working in this program is that you get people form a variety of backgrounds and interests and they come together in an inclusive way to train and become teachers.


The opportunities we‟ve got in our programs are exciting in terms of embracing a whole range of different backgrounds of students, and, in our particular area, in the School of Education, we are educating for the next generation of teachers and I think that means that our teachers are going out with an understanding of how to teach in an inclusive way.


We also use the work „partnership‟ because our students just don‟t of our on a normal 3-week teaching round, and then leave. They are actively in the school for the whole of the year and as well as being supervised and having some practice teaching, they work generally in teams on a project which is of use to the school, supporting the learning of the students in the school. And that‟s what makes our program different and unique and very successful.

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