Speakers in this video:

  • Bec Carey-Grieve, Program and Space Coordinator at VU at MetroWest

  • Chantal Wynter, Wynter Projects

  • Krystal Schultheiss, Video DJ (VJ)

  • Aline Brugel, Corps in Situ in Footscray artist

  • Adam Hutterer, Manager Library and Digital Arts at Victoria University Polytechnic

Bec Carey-Grieve

Footscray is so rich in its creative industries and the artists that here, we could have gone on for miles and miles with what we could do with this project and we really feel like BluScray is the first step into continuing to have these celebrations of the creative industries in Footscray.

Chantal Wynter

The fact is that Footscray is quiet after dark so our projection festival seemed like a very obvious way to bring people here and community here after dark and experiencing Footscray after dark.

Krystal Schultheiss

It’s very amazing to be part of tonight and being a part of the  community and interacting with the existing space and getting to play my animations in an area where there is already so much art and just interacting with that.

Bec Carey-Grieve

Tonight is not only a celebration for the States of Blue West Projections Festival but it is also the launch of another part of the BluScray program Corps in Situ in Footscray. Life size images of people squeezed into boxes are pasted up on blue facades throughout Footscray. It’s an Australian premiere paste-up project with French artist Aline Brugel …


Aline Brugel

I find a location when I say "OK this place could have this imaginary box." And then we will build an exact same size wood box. We will invite citizens here in Footscray and Melbourne, and the people will come, go to the boxes and I will take their pictures. And then the final step is pasting the pictures. It’s really an intense feeling but it’s a really great feeling with you’re like "yes, it looks great!" and they look all gorgeous, so I’m really happy.

Chantal Wynter

These projections also highlight the sites that are involved, whether it be galleries, whether it be studios, creative spaces, or a small business.

Adam Hutterer

Events and activities that you’ll see and have seen around Footscray have involved our students from Victoria University Polytechnic - that's the TAFE part of Victoria University. These students have been involved in these projects and have been involved in learning vocational skills for 100 years here in Footscray and that’s what tonight is all about.

Aline Brugel

This project gives a new opportunity for the locals to discover Footscray in a new way.

(Video ends)

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