Australia's Leading Sports University - transcript

Australia's Leading Sports University - transcript

Text on screen: Australia’s leading sports university.

Text on screen: The biggest range of sport courses in the country.

Text on screen: Over 30 different programs.

Text on screen: 12+ diverse study areas: exercise rehabilitation, sport coaching, sport development, sport massage, sport management, sport science.

Michael McKenna, Director – Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living (ISEAL):

ISEAL has amazing facilities – some of the most outstanding sport and exercise science laboratories of anywhere in the world and that helps us to attract some of the best staff and the brightest PhD students and it also helps us when we’re working with industry. And helps to makes us Australia’s leading sports university.

David Bishop – Sport Science Research Program Leader:

The University is putting their money where their mouth is so to speak and heavily investing to make sure this is the best place in Australia, if not the world, to do and study sports science.

Damian Farrow – Professor of Sports Science:

One of the great things about being at VU is we have a host of great facilities, research laboratories and the like, and the latest technologies that are used to measure sports performance.

David Bishop – Sport Science Research Program Leader: 

Everything’s under, under the one roof so the same laboratories where we’re testing elite athletes are the same laboratories where we are teaching our students so they’re learning with the same equipment and quite often they're brushing shoulders with elite athletes.

Text on screen: The best sports learning facilities in the Southern Hemisphere.

Text on screen: Leaders in sports science research: $68 million Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living, altitude hotel, biomechanics labs, rehabilitation facilities, $8 million sport and recreation learning centre, Victoria University Whitten Oval Stadium, remedial massage clinics, aquatic and fitness centres

Stuart Biddle – Active Living and Public Health Program Leader:

Universities are very important places to connect students with world-class researchers and also with a wider community and a network that these students get. I think we’ve got that balance here in ISEAL and also in the university.

Text on screen: The world’s most sport industry collaborations.

Ramon Spaaij – Sport in Society Research Program Leader:

There’s a number of opportunities here for students to not only get an academic skill set but actually also get a really good feel for a number of organisations that are really good in this space and where they may end up working in the future.

Text on screen: Workplace learning with over 350 sports employers.

Stuart Biddle:

It’s fantastic to be in ISEAL which is a world-class facility – not just a facility it's about world-class people interacting and working together  – and I think that’s a real strength and that’s why we are a world leader in our field.

Text on screen: 100+ elite and aspiring student athletes.

Text on screen: 25 represented at national level.

Text on screen: 12 professional AFL players.

Text on screen: Australia’s leading sports university.

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