Text on screen: We support Australia’s rising sports stars.

Text on screen: Over 100 elite and aspiring student athletes.

Brea Roadley – international kayaker:

I just think the atmosphere around Victoria University is a really great place to be. You don’t have to look far to find other people who are likeminded.

Mitch Wallis – AFL, Western Bulldogs:

Foremost at the moment is my footballing career and they’ve helped me in many ways. I use the pool twice a week and am allowed to use that at my leisure. Also I use the altitude chambers which is leading edge in terms of fitness in the world at the moment.

Text on screen: World-class sports facilities.

Text on screen: Top choice of university among elite athletes.

Jackson Harrison – international rower:

There’s certainly no limitations into what I can’t do in the gym. Sort of gives me a - I guess- a competitive advantage over other peers and whoever I’m racing against. In that I feel like I’ve ticked more boxes into getting myself right for this day than what you have.

Brea Roadley:

Well, Victoria University is right on my river here so I can literally go from finishing my kayak session to being in class in under 10 minutes so that’s always helpful when you’re trying to fit in a busy schedule of training and study.

Mitch Wallis:

The ability to change my schedule and to help me out with my studies, knowing that football is so demanding, you know, has helped me set up my life for a life after footy.

Text on screen: Flexible study options.

Text on screen: The athlete’s university.

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