Hi. My name’s Alex.


I studied at Victoria University for 4 years, completing in 2010. I did a Bachelor of Arts Criminal Justice and then went on to do an Honours in Sociology.


The lecturers and the teachers here at Victoria University have experience of many years. Teachers that I had demonstrated their experience by presenting the information well, displaying that they knew what they were talking about and reassuring us that the staff here knew what they were doing.


They were always available. If you ever needed to speak to them one on one they’d help you out, they’d give you advice. It makes me feel great to know that they are always there for you and makes you feel like they really care about you achieving success and shows you what a great job they do.


The social aspects of Victoria University were great. I came to Victoria University straight from school. I didn’t come with me and my school friends so I didn’t really know many people. I got to know a few from my course and it was good and one of them I am still good friends with today and I still speak to some of the others. We’d have a drink or two and kind of socialise and reward ourselves for putting in the hard work. We’d have some fun and have a chat and got to know each other.


I finished my Honours Degree in 2010. I rewarded myself with a trip to America to relax and take some time off. Within a week of returning I managed to find a job. I have no doubt that I wouldn’t have been able to do this without my degree behind me from Victoria University.


Just knowing that I worked hard here with the lecturers and teachers at Victoria University. They gave me the confidence to go out and get a job in my industry. My experience of Victoria University was fulfilling, enjoyable and fun.

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