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Text on screen: Our travel destination is not a place, but a new way of seeing things.

Text on screen: What are the differences between course and unit?

Cintya Lopez

Study abroad student from Tecnológico de Monterrey - Mexico

So the course would be the general area of study that your choosing that will be an equivalent to the name of the major and the units will be the subject or particular classes that you select from those courses.

Text on screen: How do you select units?

Zico Sangers

Study abroad student from Tilburg University - Netherlands

You go to Victoria University website and there's a lot of units you can select and I would prefer to choose the units on all of the same campuses because then you'd just have one campus to go to.

Text on screen: What are the differences between a lecture and a tutorial?

Felipe Perez

Study abroad student from Concordia University - Canada

The difference between a lecture and tutorial, a lecture is really where the teaching takes place for example you have the teacher in front of you and he's like a going to the slides or like teaching you liked you from the book or whatever just like those concepts and then a tutorial is really where you practice those concepts. There you have either you do sample problems, you do practice in programming, do many different things so you also have a group work depends on with what you do usually in tutorial.

Text on screen: How to choose your units?

Zico Sangers

You have to select six units when you apply here and out of the six you will be you have to finally choose four which you will actually follow and you can choose from different campuses throughout the city.

Felipe Perez

Yeah you you definitely need to research units way before that because so the needs that you want to have they might not be available anymore that's why you take six so yeah do your research before.

Cintya Lopez

Compared to my University back home they're fewer assessments but they're worth much more percentage each so they're very important and as well the final exam.

Zico Sangers

Some units have different referencing so sometimes you have to use Harvard, sometimes APA which can be a bit annoying but apart from that it's, it's pretty good.

Text on screen: Does the University organise events?

Cintya Lopez

Yes they do. At first we have an orientation trip which is pretty exciting we went to the Great Ocean road and we had a lovely trip there and we have several meetings throughout the semester as well.

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