Victoria University student attrition study

The retention of students is a key concern for Victoria University, as it is for most universities in a contestable environment.

Universities often have their own unique pattern of attrition. Various factors will influence this pattern, such as university courses and service offered as well as the sort of students the university attracts.

An array of complex reasons will often have an impact on a student's decision to leave the university. However, little is known about that decision making process.


This study aims to build a comprehensive understanding of the factors that lead to student attrition. The resulting research recommendations will be used to assist the university to retain students in the future and reduce the revenue loss, which attrition generates.


This study focuses on student's reasons for leaving as well as the experiences and services available to them at Victoria University, in particular:

  • academic experiences, including their take on their teachers and the classroom environment.
  • broader learning experience as a student at the university
  • learning support services
  • general student services.

Project team


A comprehensive research report will be published at the end of the project.


For further information contact:

Keshara De Silva, Social Inclusion Project Officer
Phone: +61 3 9919 2505
Email: [email protected]