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Professional learning for social inclusion in education

Professional learning is a major lever for enhancing staff quality in schools and assisting staff to become more successful in their work with all students.  Staff quality is widely accepted as central to students’ educational experiences and outcomes. This is particularly important for students facing personal or social adversity, with education a key to improving life circumstances. Understanding how educators are supported and learn to work in equitable and inclusive ways is important in seeking to develop a more socially inclusive and just education system.


The project aims to establish a better understanding of the professional learning opportunities that support school staff to work in socially inclusive ways. In this context ‘socially inclusive education’ refers to the educational and social inclusion of all young people, with a particular focus on those who have traditionally experienced disadvantage and marginalisation in the school system.

The research will be conducted at schools committed to equity and inclusion in education; the aim is to learn from their experience of supporting staff professional learning in this area and from staff perceptions of the impact of this professional learning on their beliefs and practices.


This project seeks to understand:

  • what socially inclusive practice looks like to staff working in schools serving ‘disadvantaged’ communities
  • the nature of the professional learning opportunities undertaken by school staff in relation to socially inclusive practice
  • staff perceptions about the impact of different professional learning opportunities on their beliefs and practices in relation to socially inclusive education.

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