Evaluation of the Whitten project

Evaluation of the Whitten project

The Whitten Youth Leadership Project is a pilot project aimed at developing young emerging community leaders across Melbourne's Western Region.

Using Australian Football and Western Bulldogs as a learning vehicle, The Whitten Youth Leadership project will provide young people with an education program offering coaching, mentoring and leadership development for life, civic and sport industry pathways.

The project is community focused and provides local councils a range of community capacity building outcomes including empowerment and contributions of young people, community engagement, skills and knowledge development and social inclusion.

The Victoria Institute has been asked to evaluate The Whitten Project, as there is a desire to implement the pilot project for three years. However, the funding councils and project stakeholders want to ensure the project can deliver on its promised outcomes, if further funding is approved.

Evaluation objective

The primary purpose for an evaluation is to identify the benefits the project brings councils, project stakeholders, the community and importantly, the participants.

Our objective is to identify strengths and improvements, evaluating four key areas:

  • selection
  • content
  • delivery
  • participant development.


The evaluation project will address specific questions around selection, content, delivery and participant development.


  • Was the nomination process effective?
  • Did the selection process help meet the project objectives?
  • What changes can be implemented in 2014 to improve the nomination process?


  • Did the original curriculum design and content meet the project objectives and expectations of stakeholders?


  • Was the curriculum delivered the way it was planned to be delivered?
  • Did it meet expectations of stakeholders?
  • Did it meet proposed key performance indicators?
  • What can be improved?

Participant Development

  • What did the participants learn from the curriculum?
  • What skills and attitudes did the participants demonstrate as the result of the program?
  • Were there any unintended outcomes?
  • What was the most positive aspect of the experience?

Project team


The project is funded and supported by the Maribyrnong, Moonee Valley, Melton, Hobsons Bay and Brimbank City Councils.

Other sponsors include:

  • AFL
  • AFL Victoria
  • Victoria University
  • Western Bulldogs


A detailed report with recommendations will be produced at the project’s conclusion.


For further information contact:

Claire Brown
Associate Director, The Victoria Institute
Phone: +61 3 9919 4604
Email: [email protected]