A story to tell: Building an intercultural soccer hub in Melbourne’s West

A story to tell: Building an intercultural soccer hub in Melbourne's West

The Brimbank Community Soccer Hub project is aimed at bridging the gap between social and mainstream sport competitions to give newly arrived communities access and insight into operating a sports club.

The Sports and Recreation Unit (at Brimbank Council) has been working in partnership with key stakeholders to develop a soccer hub in the area that brings together a number of informal groups who have been participating in soccer on a casual basis.

Many of the young men in these groups are from newly arrived communities and have not yet been able to access mainstream competitions or facilities.

The project will also aim to involve participants in the organizational structure of the club and create opportunities for them to adopt responsibilities within the club and offer training to nominated individuals.

The research project

The Victoria Institute will explore participant’s experiences of the Community Soccer Hub at the end of the first year to document progress and gain a better understanding of participants’ experiences of the program. 

The project will use a narrative approach to explore participants’ experiences of the Community Soccer Hub. A story-telling approach which also uses visual methods (i.e. photographs/video) will highlight the role of sports in participants’ journeys, focusing in particular on their experiences from informal soccer participation to the newly formed multicultural Community Soccer Hub. The research will also include interviews with staff and stakeholders to gather additional perspectives regarding the progress of the Community Soccer Hub in relation to the objectives outlined by the Council. Finally, archival data (such as program documents) will also be included in the evaluation and development of recommendations.

The main aims of this research project are to explore:
• participant’s engagement in the Hub (attendance and motivations for engaging)
• aspects of the Hub that participants enjoy or believe to be successful
• participants’ perspectives on future directions (for themselves and the Hub).


Once the project has been completed a report will be produced.


Brimbank City Council’s Sports and Recreation Unit.


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