Strengthening the Australia-India knowledge partnership

Strengthening the Australia-India knowledge partnership

There's been an increase in the volume, popularity and investment of international collaborative scientific research. However, there is little research to date on the dynamics of collaboration or the epistemic culture of collaborative science.

Few descriptions exist of the day-to-day activities, which make up the practices of scientific collaboration. There is also little understanding of the kind of obstacles and challenges that arise in international collaborative scientific research.

Research objective

This study addressed the under-researched aspects of international collaborations in science empirically, based on scientific research collaborations between Australia and India.

33 in-depth interviews were conducted with policy makers, institutional leaders and researchers in India and Australia, providing rich detail of the:

  • processes involved in collaborative research
  • dynamics of collaboration
  • challenges and obstacles that arise in collaboration at the levels of policy, institutions and researchers.


The study aimed to examine the conceptualisations of science and collaborative research, in order to find out:

  • how these are implied and materialised through funding policies and project guidelines, and by institutional and researcher practices
  • what the implications are for the science research done
  • how it affects the way collaborations are organised and conducted.

Recommendations were offered to enhance the scope, nature, prospects and outcomes of scientific research collaborations between Australia and India.

Project team


Research partners include (project heads) Professor Sue Elliott of the University of Melbourne and Professor Dinesh Singh of the University of Delhi.

This study was supported and funded ($35,000) by the Australia India Education Council (AIEC) and was steered by the Working Group focused on Research.


A report based on this research was presented to the AIEC and was subsequently published and released.

Strengthening the Australia India Knowledge Partnership: Challenges and Opportunities by Dr Radhika Gorur and Daniel Loton (July 2013)


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