India-Australia institutional collaborations in higher education

India-Australia institutional collaborations in higher education

Education Ministers Hon. Pallam Raju of India and Hon Kim Carr of Australia

Education Ministers Hon. Pallam Raju of India and Hon. Kim Carr of Australia

Australian and Indian higher education institutions are increasingly interested in collaborating with each other. However, several hurdles are often encountered on the way.

Some of these are practical difficulties, such as:

  • clarity over policy frameworks and government regulations
  • the availability of adequate levels of resources and institutional support
  • differences across academic traditions in India and Australia.

Other difficulties are of a more conceptual kind, such as:

  • lack of a coherent rationale for collaborations within the context of a shifting global architecture of higher education
  • absence of a satisfactory account of the conditions under which collaborations are best forged and the ways in which they are best assessed, extended and sustained.

Research objective

Funded by the Australia India Education Council (AIEC), this study explored the potential, possibilities and problems of institutional collaborations between Indian and Australian higher education institutions.

It collected data from case studies of three Australian universities – Deakin, Monash and RMIT – and their links with a diverse array of Indian higher education institutions.

A total of sixty in-depth interviews were conducted across Melbourne, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru.


The project aimed to review relevant documents accessible on the institutions’ websites as well as semi-structured interviews with key participants across both Australia and India.

The three case studies, between them, present an indicative picture of the range of current activities and plans for collaborations between Australian and Indian higher education institutions.

Project team

  • Professor Fazal Rizv (Chief Investigator)
  • Dr Radhika Gorur (Chief Investigator)
  • Carola Reyes (Research assistant)


This research was suported and funded ($35,000) by the Australia-India Education Council (AIEC).


A report based on this research was presented to the AIEC and was subsequently published and released.

India-Australia Institutional Collaborations In Higher Education: Potential, Problems, Promises by Fazal Rizv, Radhika Gorur and Carola Reyes (July 2013)


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