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Victoria University has consolidated its research activity.

From 2018 research of the Victoria Institute is located within the Institute for Sustainable Industries & Liveable Cities.

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How can we reform Australia's uni admissions system?

Following the government’s decision to undertake consultations on how best to reform Australian higher education, one of the key areas up for debate is about how to create an effective university admissions system. Read Claire Brown's article published on The Conversation.

Robots won’t replace teachers…will they?

AVID Australia and National Science Week is offering you the chance to hear from prominent physicist and education innovator, Professor Eric Mazur from Harvard University on what the future holds for science and education.

Combining research excellence and student equity - Mission possible?

Universities in Australia, and internationally, are under pressure to demonstrate research excellence, in order to compete in various rankings, be eligible for government funding, and attract high-flying students. In the first Controversies seminar for 2016, The Victoria Institute invites you to join us as we ask, 'Can universities do both?'

Controversies Seminar Series 2016

The Controversies seminar series returns, for the fourth year, with fresh issues to investigate over the course of three new seminars in 2016.

Improving education for chronically ill students

Regular conversations between schools and students can help to improve the educational outcomes of the 500,000 students living with chronic health conditions in Australia.

AVID Australia Winter Institute 2016

Join AVID Australia in Newcastle from 21-22nd July 2016 for the Winter Institute, our mid-year professional learning event.

Combating Islamaphobia through history teaching

An expert in history teaching says the subject can be used as a tool to help combat Islamophobia.

Education offers hope to young offenders

An innovative program helping teenagers charged with breaking the law attend school has been praised by Victoria University researchers as a ‘circuit breaker’ that can divert young people out of the justice system and into classrooms.

VU hosts AVID-ly inspired educators

Hundreds of educators from across Australia will gather this week over a remarkable program that inspires young people to go to and succeed at university, and the workplace beyond.

Flexible learning key to a true Education State

Researchers from The Victoria Institute believe the creation of educational opportunities for the most disenfranchised young people in the community should be a primary consideration, as Victoria contemplates how it will become the Education State.

José Ramos-Horta on peace and conflicts

Victoria University is offering a chance to hear from Dr José Ramos-Horta, freedom fighter, Nobel peace prize winner, and United Nations peacekeeping investigator, at a free public seminar on Wednesday 22 July.

VU education expert encourages teachers to allow note-taking on laptops

A Victoria University education specialist is encouraging teachers to become more comfortable with technology in the classroom and allow students to take notes on laptops and tablets.

What’s the best way to take notes on your laptop or tablet?

Following her popular Conversation article on effective paper note-taking tips - Claire Brown, Asoociate Director of The Victoria Institue - investigates how digital devices can be utilised as productive note-taking tools.

Ramos-Horta seminar: Preventing conflicts, ending wars & building peace

Join The Victoria Institute for the second seminar in the Controversies series featuring Dr José Ramos-Horta on 'Preventing Conflicts, Ending Wars and Building Peace'.

Passport to a positive future

Victoria Institute researchers have evaluated and strongly endorsed Melbourne City Mission’s Melbourne Academy as a valuable alternative model of education for young people disengaged from school.

Controversies Seminar Series 2015

Join the The Victoria Institute for 2015’s Controversies Seminar Series.

No support for chronically-ill students

Australia’s school system is failing some of its most vulnerable young people by leaving them unsupported in their education.

What’s the best, most effective way to take notes?

The Victoria Institute's Associate Director, Claire Brown, unravels some of the techniques to effective note-taking in an article on The Conversation.

Researcher says non-conforming students don’t need ‘fixing’

A Victoria University psychology researcher says students who don’t ‘fit in’ at school – socially, academically or behaviourally – don’t necessarily require ‘fixing’ by school authorities.

Examining how psychology informs educational practice

Join Professor Tom Billington, Associate Professor Lise Bird Claiborne and Dr Tim Corcoran for a one-day workshop, critically examining how psychology informs educational practice.

VI Director elected Chair of CDA Board

Professor Roger Slee, Director of The Victoria Institute was elected Chair of the Board of Directors of Children with Disability Australia.

USA teacher of the year visits VU

America's 2014 teacher of the year visited The Victoria Institute for the annual AVID Australia Summer Institute to spread the word about a university preparation program now helping students at 5000 high schools across the USA.

Seminar: Inclusion and education in Scandinavia.

Join The Victoria Institute for a special seminar that investigates education and inclusion in two Scandinavian countries.

Youth service award for street art program.

A 2014 Youth Affairs Council of Victoria Inc. award recognises the positive impact community arts projects can have on marginalised young people’s wellbeing and education.

More than a label: listening to young people

Labels such as “ADHD” can sometimes be more harmful than helpful to our children. Dr Vicky Plows from The Victoria Institute believes it is critical to pay more attention to the views and experiences of the young people who have been, or who are at risk of being labelled.

AVID Australia Summer Institute 2014.

Melbourne will again host the AVID education program's three day professional learning Summer Institute.

New AVID event prepares students for university

New AVID event encouraged students to to attend university by simulating the tertiary learning experience.

Way Out West wows conference

The Victoria Institute hosted a performance by Way Out West (WOW) a performing and visual arts group for adults with a disability.

AVID students meet explorer Troy Henkels

VU recently played host to explorer, Troy Henkels, as he shared his adventures and experiences with the AVID program students.

Disability Studies in Education Conference 2014

The Disability Studies in Education (DSE) annual conference will be hosted in July 2014, by The Victoria Institute, Victoria University, Melbourne.

Can people with a disability access the digital age?

Researchers question if people with a disability can enjoy the benefits of the digital revolution.

VU hosts Singaporean senior art and music teachers

A delegation from Singapore's Teachers' Academy for the Arts have joined The Victoria Institute for a week long (19 - 23 May, 2014) professional learning study tour, in Melbourne.

Obama awards AVID teacher with a national accolade

Barack Obama recently awarded the American National Teacher of the Year Award 2014 to an AVID teacher, Sean McComb from Maryland.

Book launch: Psychology in Education

Join Dr Tim Corcoran at The Victoria Institute on 27 May 2014 at 3:30pm for the launch of his new book, 'Psychology in Education: Critical Theory-Practice'.

AVID Australia in the news

The AVID education program continues to expand in Australia as partner organisations acknowledge its positive influence on students academic outcomes.

Including students with a disability in mainstream schools

Researchers believe schools can be far more exciting and inclusive places, if students with a disability are not excluded.

One step at a time: tracks2uni helps Indigenous students

The tracks2uni website was officially launched by the Victorian Minister for Education, the Honourable Martin Dixon, MP and the Minister for Higher Education and Skills, the Honourable Peter Hall, MP on 14 February 2014 at the Aboriginal Advancement League, in Melbourne.

AVID SI 2013: Strengthening teaching strategies

The 2013 AVID Summer Institute, hosted by VU, was again a success with over 300 educators in Melbourne from across Australia, New Zealand and the USA in attendance.

WERC: Recognising Thailand's uncredentialed potential

The Thailand Professional Qualifications Institute (TPQI) recently visited the Work-based Education Research Centre (WERC) at VU as part of an international knowledge exchange partnership to research and design a standards based qualification framework for Thailand.

Critical psychology: Helping Iraqi paediatricians and UK teachers

Dr Tim Corcoran, Senior Research Fellow at The Victoria Institute was recently invited to speak about psychological applications in education at a seminar presented at James Cook University in Queensland.

Claire Brown questions ATAR's equity

Claire Brown, Associate Director of The Victoria Institute has questioned if ATAR is a robust and equitable measure for determining university access, in an article published on 'The Conversation'.

Vulnerable youth in policy and practice

The Victoria Institute hosted the 'Vulnerable youth in policy and practice - conceptualisations, enactments and impacts' workshop on 19 to 20 August 2013, in Melbourne.

AVID Australia Summer Institute 2012 to be held at Victoria University

Victoria University will be hosting the second AVID Australia Summer Institute at Footscray Park Campus on November 27 - 29.


Report launch: Flexible learning programs - what works and why

New landmark report investigates ‘who gets what, what works and why’ in flexible learning programs in Australia

Seminar: Helping FIFU students succeed

This seminar explored an international study highlighting the factors that influence the success of first-in-family university (FIFU) students

Seminar: Rescuing the arts from the realm of the elite

Professor Andre de Quadros from Boston University looks at why professionals should consider the use of the arts in engaging and transforming disadvantaged communities

Seminar: The Case of Young Graffiti Writers

Join Dr Alison Baker on Wednesday 9 April 2014, as she explores how alternative arts programs can reach out to the city's disengaged youth in her seminar: Contesting Citizenship at the Margins: The Case of Young Graffiti Writers.

VU to host the 2013 AVID Summer Institute

The Victoria Institute will host the 2013 (Advancement via Individual Determination) AVID Summer Institute from Tuesday, 3 December to Thursday, 5 December, in Melbourne.

Seminar: Ethical dilemmas in reporting and disseminating social research

Join Associate Professor Kitty te Riele from The Victoria Institute between 12:00 pm - 13:00 pm on Thursday, 10 October 2013, as she explores the ethical issues around reporting on social research.

Professor Meg Maguire explores inter-generational relationships

The Victoria Institute would like to invite students and staff to attend a seminar discussing children's inter-generational relationships in a post-welfare society.

Victoria Institute presents 'Policy Enactments: Theory and Practice' seminar

The Victoria Institute would like to invite students and staff to attend a research seminar exploring the diverse and complex ways in which education policies are mediated, contested and struggled over in schools.

Embedding social inclusion in universities: how advanced are we?

'By 2020, 20 per cent of undergraduate enrolments in higher education should be students from low socio-economic backgrounds.'

Research seminar: Child Poverty in 'Godzone'?

The Victoria Institute would like to invite you to attend a research seminar on Child poverty in the 'Godzone'? Action for New Zealand children living in poverty.

Book Launch 'Negotiating Ethical Challenges in Youth Research'

You are invited to the launch of the recently published book 'Negotiating Ethical Challenges in Youth Research' edited by Kitty te Riele, Principal Research Fellow at Victoria University and Rachel Brooks, Professor of Sociology at the University of Surrey (UK).

Controversies seminar: new universities for new times?

Will Australian universities survive under the current business model?

Indigenous activists, Chris Sarra and Andrew Boe discuss 'Indigenous Futures' with ABC's Karina Carvalho.

The Victoria Institute invites you to join Chris Sarra and Andrew Boe to discuss a range of controversies around Indigenous Futures.

Clare Bowditch and John Watson: 'Re-learning your Gig'

How do you put 'career' and 'success' together in the Australian music industry?

Controversies seminar: David Manne discusses "What happened to the concept of a 'fair go' for all?"

'What happened to the concept of a 'fair go' for all? Why is this not applying to new arrivals in Australia?