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Victoria University has consolidated its research activity.

From 2018 research of the Victoria Institute is located within the Institute for Sustainable Industries & Liveable Cities.

Contact details of staff at the Victoria Institute for Education, Diversity and Lifelong Learning. 

The Victoria Institute
300 Queen Street
VIC 3000

Postal Address

The Victoria Institute
Victoria University
Queen Street Campus
PO Box 14428
VIC 8001

Phone: +61 3 9919 4362
Email: [email protected]

Research staff

Contact details for the Victoria Institute research staff.
Name Position Contact details
Professor Rob Strathdee Acting Director +61 3 9919 5594
[email protected]
Claire Brown

Associate Director, The Victoria Institute

National Director, AVID Australia

+61 3 9919 4604
[email protected]
Associate Professor Julie White Principal Research Fellow +61 3 9919 1844
[email protected]
Dr Fiona MacDonald Research Fellow

+61 3 9919 1334
[email protected]

Professional staff

Contact details for professional staff in the Victoria Institute.
Name Position Contact details
Karen Rosauer Project Research Officer +61 3 9919 1113
[email protected]
Hendrik Jacobs Communication Coordinator +61 3 9919 1880
[email protected]
Ray Magid Business Manager, AVID Australia +61 3 9919 9158
[email protected]




Contact details

Associate Professor Christopher Sonn CRN Scholar +61 3 9919 5226
[email protected]
Dr John Martino CRN Scholar/Senior Lecturer +61 3 9919 2026
[email protected]
Dr Alison Baker Adjunct Fellow +61 3 9919 4868
[email protected]
Emeritus Professor Berwyn Clayton Adjunct Professor [email protected]
Hugh Guthrie Adjunct Professor [email protected]
Maxwell Winchester Adjunct Fellow [email protected]
Peter Noonan Professor of Tertiary Education Policy +61 3 9919 1871
[email protected]

Honorary, Adjunct & Visiting staff

Contact details for honorary, adjunct and visiting staff at Victoria Institute.
Name Position Contact details
Professor Meg Maguire Visiting Professor [email protected]
Professor Lyndal Bond Adjunct Professor [email protected]
Professor Roger Slee Professor [email protected]
Professor Airini Adjunct Professor [email protected]
Professor Alfonso Jimenez Visiting Professor [email protected]
Professor Andr√© de Quadros Adjunct Professor [email protected]
Professor Richard Teese Adjunct Professor [email protected]
Mark O'Rourke Adjunct Fellow [email protected]
Helene Rooks Adjunct Fellow [email protected]
Sean McComb Adjunct Fellow [email protected]
Brendan Murray Adjunct Fellow [email protected]
Dr Radhika Gorur Adjunct Fellow [email protected]
Bernard Stapleton Adjunct Fellow [email protected]
Jo (Adriana) van Son Adjunct Fellow [email protected]

PhD candidates

Contact details for PhD candidates in Victoria Institute.
Name Position Contact details
Margaret Callingham Research Assistant/CRN PhD Candidate [email protected]
Daniel Bolotin CRN PhD Candidate [email protected]
Abdallelh Alharbi PhD Candidate [email protected]
Ferdousi Anis PhD Candidate [email protected]
Helen Bayne PhD Candidate [email protected]
Louisa Ellum PhD Candidate [email protected]
Wafaa Jan PhD Candidate [email protected]
Abdullah Madhesh PhD Candidate [email protected]
Brendan Murray PhD Candidate [email protected]
Frances Newell PhD Candidate [email protected]
Lye Ng PhD Candidate [email protected]
Olalekan Olagookun PhD Candidate [email protected]
Elaine Speight-Burton PhD Candidate [email protected]
Amir Tatai PhD Candidate [email protected]
Jo van Son PhD Candidate [email protected]