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A burning passion for risk engineering

Employer: Garry Weir – Director, Affinity Fire Engineering

Former VU student Garry Weir now finds confidence in employing staff who have also completed their engineering studies at the University.

"Our firm has had a close relationship with VU for many years. The majority of our staff have completed VU’s fire and risk engineering courses and in some cases, also undergraduate engineering courses at VU. VU students are given a well-rounded, balanced learning that provides our clients with a higher level of confidence in the services we provide.

The VU courses provide scope in which students can focus on specific fields within the building industry or utilise all skills through roles in project management. With the building Industry being one of the biggest contributors to our national economy, VU students are provided with countless opportunities for employment and most importantly career development.

Given our highly specialised field, and being considered as one of the industry leaders in fire engineering, Affinity Fire Engineering is now contributing to the ongoing success of VU students by providing guest lectures in fire safety engineering.

I studied at VU myself, completing an undergraduate degree in building engineering and then postgraduate certificate and diploma in building fire safety and risk engineering. Through these highly unique and tailored studies, I was provided with the framework to build a successful career in the building industry."

Industry snapshot

Building and construction is one of Australia's biggest and most important industries. It is currently  the fourth largest contributor to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the Australian economy and plays a major role in determining economic growth.

The building and construction industry is also at the forefront of supporting Australia’s economic and social infrastructure important because it makes a major contribution to the generation of wealth and the welfare of the community.The construction workforce currently represents over 9 per cent of the total Australian workforce with the number of jobs expected to increase by 300,000 to around 1.3 million employees by 2021 (source).

What you can do 

Graduate success story

Engineering graduate Emma Buis was the lead site engineer on VU’s new student accommodation project.