Skills assessment process

We want to help to get you working in Australia as soon as possible.

To ensure your application proceeds quickly:

Once you have submitted your skills assessment application form, there are four stages to the assessment for the Temporary Skill Shortage and Permanent Migration Assessment Programs.

The four stages of the assessment program are:

  1. Application review
  2. Documentary evidence
  3. Technical assessment
  4. Assessment outcome.

Stage 1: Application review

Once you have submitted your visa skills assessment application, it will be reviewed by the Skills Assessment Team.

Stage 2: Documentary evidence

Evidence should be submitted at the time of application, but you may be asked to provide further evidence. You will be told at the time of the request what the time frame is.

Should further evidence be requested, the requested evidence must reach the office of Skilled Migration Assessment Services within the notified time frame.

Where documentation is received after the notified time frame, the application file will be closed. Applicants would then need to restart their visa skills assessment process.

Stage 3: Technical assessment

Non-licensed trade assessments require a technical interview and/or a practical skills demonstration.

We can conduct your technical interview at one of our in country partner locations via secure webcam, or you can attend one of our  assessment centres for a practical skills demonstration. 

The assessors are employed by Victoria University (VU) or our partner institutions in other States.

Technical assessment locations

Australian locations

Technical assessments can be  conducted in various locations in each State and Territory of Australia.

Nominated countries with offshore assessment

Other countries*:

  • Brazil 
  • China – Hong Kong and various mainland locations
  • Fiji
  • India 
  • Iran
  • Ireland 
  • Philippines
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • Thailand
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom
  • Vietnam
  • Zimbabwe.

*Note the list of countries corresponds to the sites at which we are approved to offer our skills assessment services under the TSS Skills Assessment Program or Offshore Skills Assessment Program (OSAP). If you hold a passport from any of the nominated countries and are eligible for a skills assessment, you can apply to VU as long as you are already in Australia or can travel to Australia or one of the above sites for a technical assessment.

Opt-in Arrangement

Individuals outside nominated countries or who have been instructed by the Department of Home Affairs may approach us for a skills assessment by notifying us of their intention to ‘opt-in’ to the OSAP Skills Assessment Program.

English language

Interviews will be conducted in English and no interpreters are allowed to be present.

Practical assessments

Practical assessments are only mandatory for licensed trades (plumbing, electrical and air-conditioning). In this case you will need to attend an onshore practical assessment session in Australia or at one of our scheduled offshore assessments.

Stage 4: Assessment outcome

Successful applicants will receive:

  • a TRA Outcome letter and
  • Certificate III - Australian Qualification for non-licensed trades,
  • an Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR) for licensed trades.

The OTSR will allow applicants to apply to the relevant state/territory licensing regulator for a provisional license. This permit to work allows you to work under the supervision of a relevant qualified tradesperson.

If you are unhappy with the visa skills assessment process or were unsuccessful in your application, you can view the following policies:

Additional training at VU

If you need some extra training, other options available for license preparation training include:

These require an additional fee. Find a course at VU.

Contact us

Please contact the Skilled Migration Assessment Services team if you require additional information about the skills assessment process.