This page will keep you posted on visa skills assessments and closure dates relating to the visa skills assessment process.

New payment arrangements for TSS Program, OSAP & TRS

Commencing on 1 March 2019, applicants for Trades Recognition Australia’s (TRA) TSS Skills Assessment Program (TSS program), Offshore Skills Assessment Program (OSAP) and Trades Recognition Service (TRS) will pay fees for their skills assessment directly to TRA through the TRA Online Portal.

Victoria University will provide you with an RTO assessment payment identifier code that must be used to make payment through the TRA Online Portal for the service you require, for example, a documentary evidence assessment, technical assessment, etc.

A link to the portal will be available on the TRA website from 1 March 2019.

If you have any difficulty making a payment, you should contact TRA for assistance at [email protected].

Assessment step

Fee amount (GST excluded)

Documentary Evidence


Documentary Evidence - Review


Documentary Evidence – Reassessment


Technical Interview - Pathway 1


Technical Interview - Pathway 1 – Review


Technical Interview - Pathway 1 – Reassessment


Technical Interview - Pathway 2


Technical Interview - Pathway 2 – Review


Technical Interview - Pathway 2 – Reassessment


Practical Assessment


Practical Assessment – Review


Practical Assessment - Reassessment



Important update for skilled migration – March visa reforms

The Australian Government has announced further changes to the temporary and permanent skilled migration program, effective 18 March 2018.

The changes include repealing subclass 457, Temporary Work (Skilled) visa, and replacing with subclass 482, Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa.

The Department of Home Affairs has announced a bi-annual review of the skilled migration lists and has outlined visa changes commencing April 2017 (refer to 'Summary of 18 March 2018 changes to the lists of eligible skilled occupations').

RTO recommendation changes April 2018

From 3 April 2018, TRA‑approved RTOs will forward a recommended outcome to Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) to make the final decision following completion of an applicant’s skills assessment.

If TRA agrees with the recommendation, the RTO will notify applicants of the outcome of their assessment and issue appropriate final documentation. If TRA does not agree with the recommendation, TRA and the RTO have 10 business days to reach agreement.

These changes will apply for the 457 Skills Assessment Program, Offshore Skills Assessment Program or Trades Recognition Service. Updated program guidelines will be available on 3 April 2018 on the TRA website.

There is no other change to the application or skills assessment processes.

Upcoming skills assessments


Find out more about upcoming practical skills assessment dates for electrical occupations.


Find out more about upcoming practical demonstration dates for hairdressing.

Chef, Cook & Pastrycook

Find out more about upcoming practical demonstration dates for hospitality.

Other skills assessments

  • Carpenter, Joiner, Bricklayer and Cabinetmaker
  • Metal (Engineering) trades

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For further information on dates and skills assessments or to enquire about the possibility of a practical demonstration, contact the Skilled Migration Assessment Services team.