Application forms & applicant guides

After checking your eligibility, you'll need to choose the right application pathway for you. Download the relevant application form and applicant guide to begin.

Important: New government administration fee for Trade Skills Assessments

A $330 (GST inclusive) government administration fee will be charged to all new TSS/OSAP and TRS applications from 1 October 2017.


In 'Application forms & applicant guides':


There are two application pathways:

  • Pathway 1 – applicants who do not hold a relevant Australian trade qualification
  • Pathway 2 – applicants who hold a relevant Australian trade qualification or a Current, Identified Australian Occupational Licence (Licensed Applicants).

Determine the application pathway that is right for you, and then download the relevant application form & applicant guide.

Download application forms & applicant guides

Download the skills assessment application form of the nominated occupation that applies to you. You can also view the applicant guides for extra information.

Automotive occupations

Construction occupations

If you are applying to have a construction occupation assessed, please read the extra information for carpenters & bricklayers to determine the correct occupation.

Engineering occupations

Hairdressing occupations

If you are applying to be assessed as a hairdresser, please read the extra information for hairdressers and find out about practical demonstration dates.

Hospitality occupations

Additional evidence requirements for commercial cook, Asian cook and chef will be sent to applicants on request.

If you are applying to have your skills assessed, please read the extra information for chefs, cooks and pastry cooks to determine the correct occupation.

Licensed occupations – electrical, plumbing & air conditioning

Find out more about electrical & plumbing skills assessments.

Information for applicants – documentation

Applicants must read the relevant 'information for applicants' document before submitting their application:

Post gap training qualifications

If you have completed your licensed trade gap training and you require Victoria University to issue you a full qualification please fill out and submit the Qualification Post Gap Training application form.

Contact us

Please contact the Skilled Migration Assessment Services team if you require additional information.