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  2. Unit - Auditing

    Bachelor | 12 credit points | City Flinders , Footscray Park , Sydney

    This is a final year required unit in the Bachelor of Business (Accounting) degree. This unit must be completed to satisfy CPA Australia and CAANZ admission requirements as well. The unit introduces students to some of the key tools used by auditors …
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  3. Unit - The World before 1770

    Bachelor | 12 credit points | Footscray Park

    The World before 1770 takes a broad, synoptic view of world history, structured to emphasise the distinctive contributions and remaining legacies of particular civilisations and historical movements. The following key debates run through all the …
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  4. Unit - Marketing

    Bachelor | Footscray Park , Sydney

    After developing a solid grounding in business in your first year, customise your degree with a major in Marketing. Launch your marketing career with Marketing major. Learn about marketing theories and how to implement practical marketing solutions.
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  5. Unit - Developing Talented Players

    Postgraduate | 12 credit points | Footscray Park

    This module is focussed on the development of talent ID methodology in Football. It will increase the graduates' ability to design and direct training sessions that are tailored to the needs of football players according to their biological age and …
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  6. Unit - Event Management

    Bachelor | City Flinders , Footscray Park

    This minor provides an integrated set of units in Events Management. Students will develop events management knowledge and skills enabling them to plan, organise, manage and evaluate a range of events. Students use a range of learning methods …
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  7. Unit - Psychology

    Bachelor | City Queen

    This minor provides basic insight into human behaviour and is a popular combination with criminology.
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  8. Unit - International Trade

    Bachelor | City Flinders

    After developing a solid grounding in business in your first year, customise your degree with a major in International Trade. In the Bachelor of Business International Trade major you will examine strategies on enhancing overall trade and investment, …
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  9. Unit - Applied Sports Statistics

    Postgraduate | 12 credit points | City Flinders

    This unit focuses on integrating basic and advanced principles of quantitative and qualitative research methods with a contemporary approach to data analysis built on magnitude-based inference statistics, with specific application to sport and …
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  10. Unit - Introduction to Programming

    Bachelor | 12 credit points | Footscray Park , Sydney

    This unit introduces students to modern computer programming language, problem solving and algorithm development. Students will be exposed to multiple design strategies, including top-down design and recursive design with functions, object-based …
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  11. Unit - Reading Contemporary Fiction

    Bachelor | 12 credit points | Footscray Park

    This unit of study introduces students to the study and analysis of recent prose fiction (short stories and novels) written in English. These are chosen to exemplify a number of contemporary thematic concerns, a variety of literary techniques, modes …
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