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  2. Accounting Principles Skill Set

    Short course | 20 weeks | City King , Footscray Nicholson , Werribee

    The FNSSS00014 Accounting Principles Skill Set will help you develop a range of accounting and bookkeeping skils in payroll, BAS, accounts payable and receivable, accounting data entry and reporting, and data computerised accounting.
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  3. Advanced Diploma of Accounting

    TAFE | 0.5 years | Footscray Nicholson

    20 April Intake Free Tafe
    Enhance your career prospects by developing a broad range of accounting and professional finance skills with the Advanced Diploma of Accounting at Victoria University Polytechnic.
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  4. Advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architectural)

    TAFE | 2 years | Sunshine , Werribee , Other

    14 April Intake
    Become proficient in the design, presentation and documentation process for residential, industrial and commercial buildings.
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  5. Advanced Diploma of Building Surveying

    TAFE | 2 years | Sunshine , Other

    14 April Intake Free Tafe
    This course provides training in building theory and surveying related to residential, industrial and commercial buildings.
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  6. Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management

    TAFE | 1 year | Footscray Nicholson , Industry

    Learn how to manage services, departments and projects in a range of community organisations and government services.
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  7. Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology - Electrical

    TAFE | 2 years | Industry , Sunshine

    29 June Intake
    Learn the technical skills to design, validate and evaluate electrical equipment and systems for a career in electrical engineering.
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  8. Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management

    TAFE | 1.5 years | Footscray Nicholson , Industry

    29 June Intake
    Turn your passion for hospitality into a rewarding career and become qualified for a senior management position in the industry.
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  9. Advanced Diploma of Legal Practice

    TAFE | 1.5 years | City Queen , Footscray Nicholson

    13 July Intake
    Gain essential skills for work as a legal paraprofessional and learn to provide advice on legal services.
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  10. Advanced Diploma of Music Industry

    TAFE | 1 year | Footscray Nicholson

    Build the technical, compositional and performance skills you'll need for a career as a professional musician.
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  11. Associate Degree in Hospitality and Hotel Management

    Bachelor | 2 years | Footscray Nicholson

    Develop management and leadership capabilities and increase your prospects of getting a senior position in the industry.
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