Parental Leave research grant fund

This fund aims to support VU researchers whose research productivity will be impacted due to parental leave, by funding research activities before, during or immediately after this leave.

This internal grant will hopefully, in a small but directed way, damper disadvantage faced by female researchers, as it will allow them to continue to progress their research careers while having children.

Administered by the Colleges and the Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research & Research Training), grants of up-to $20,000 are available for eligible applicants.


The Victoria University Parental Research Grant Fund allows the researcher to:

  • Accelerate their research before the parental leave period; or
  • Have research activity maintained by others during their parental leave period, or
  • Re-start their research activities more readily once their parental leave period is over and the researcher returns to work.

Eligibility and application

  1. The application must be prepared using the Parental Leave Research Grant Fund Application Form available from this page.
  2. The maximum sum that may be applied for is $20,000 – Jointly provided by the applicant’s College (50%) and the Office of the Pro Vice Chancellor (Research & Research Training) (50%).
  3. This grant is available to Victoria University researchers who have completed their PhD, and are:
    1. appointed for 3 years or longer to an academic level research only or a teaching and research position at Victoria University, and
    2. have been officially granted parental leave of a period of 4 months or more.
  4. The applicant must be an active researcher prior to the commencement of their parental leave, which is usually indicated by having achieved their MORA benchmark.  However, consideration may also be given to applicants who can demonstrate strong research potential.
  5. The grant must normally be applied for upon approval of parental leave.
  6. After speaking with their supervisor, using the Parental Leave Research Grant Fund Application Form, the applicant must clearly outline the research study or studies that will be progressed during their parental leave period, or which will begin or recommence upon their return from parental leave.
  7. While researchers are invited to request funding for any item that can be demonstrated as aiding research productivity, items that are most likely to be approved include: hiring of a research assistant (RA), teaching relief or childcare support (net costs only taking into account any government rebates or subsidies that may be payable).
  8. Only items for which there is a clear justification that demonstrates that they are essential to the completion of the project will be supported.
  9. A maximum of 20% of the funding can be allocated to travel, consumables, small pieces of equipment directly related to the project.
  10. If childcare support is approved it will be paid as a non-superable taxable allowance to the researcher.
  11. If funding is requested during the parental leave period, the applicant must nominate a VU supervisor, approved by their College, who will be responsible for the supervision and administrative matters relating to the RA and the project as they arise during the parental leave period. The VU supervisor must have sufficient understanding of the research to provide adequate guidance and direction to the RA.
  12. Funds should be expended within 12 months from the date the grant was awarded.


Please read the Parental Leave Research Grant Fund Guidelines before completing the Application Form

Contact Us

For more information on the Parental Leave Fund please contact Zana Stefanovski.


Phone: +613 9919 4710.