The Victoria University Feminist Research Network (FRN) is a collegial and multidisciplinary network that:

  • supports, fosters and promotes feminist research and feminist researchers
  • celebrates the diversity of feminism and feminist approaches
  • encourages research that exposes and challenges privilege
  • investigates issues of gender, power and inequality, including intersections with sexuality, race, ethnicity, class and disability.

We are committed to engaging with and critiquing university and government policies that impact on women’s lives.


The Feminist Research Network aims to:

  • support, nurture, inspire, advocate for, promote and celebrate feminist research and feminist researchers at VU, across diverse feminisms
  • develop and foster opportunities for collaborative feminist research across different disciplines and colleges, including networks and organisations outside of VU
  • provide a forum for discussion of feminist research and of gender inequalities
  • run feminist research events
  • provide mentoring opportunities.


Our network has over 80 members. It consists mostly of academics and higher degree by research (HDR) students (undertaking feminist research and/or who identify as feminist researchers).

The network brings together researchers from a wide range of disciplines across all VU institutes, research centres and colleges.

Members also include:

  • professional staff
  • alumni
  • community members.

Executive committee

Join the Feminist Research Network

If you would like to join or be involved in the FRN, email [email protected].


We organise many events to bring feminist researchers together, including:

  • seminars
  • workshops
  • lectures
  • reading groups
  • conferences
  • social events.

We will also hold regular activities on grant funding and writing for publication, which will contribute both to VU’s research outputs and the ability of its researchers to attract external funding.

Events are open to VU staff, students and the wider community.

Past events

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