Victoria University is committed to being a champion for planetary health.

Planetary health is at the centre of our identity and moral purpose.

We invite all current, former and future students and staff to join with us in taking a pledge for planetary health.

Show your commitment to helping shape the future and protecting the health of people and planet.

Make a pledge.

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I personally commit to support planetary health.

I will contribute each day through conversations and actions.

I will make positive change for a healthier planet, healthier place, healthier people.

Together we can shift thinking and advance solutions.

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We're asking staff, students and community members to make a pledge for planetary health. Through our collective action, we can achieve great things for our community and our planet.

Send us a photo of your personal pledge – scribbled on a recycled piece of paper – so we can lift up our community and our university through our collective commitment.

Email your pledge photo[email protected]

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