Statement of intent

Victoria University is committed to holding planetary health at the centre of our identity and moral purpose.

We are part of the rapidly growing global planetary health community, which recognises the intersect between the health of people and the planet – and the impact of human behaviour upon the natural world.

Planetary health practitioners are focused on finding solutions to the complex challenges impacting our planet and the health of people, country, environment and communities.

VU is taking a place-based approach, emphasising the importance of context in finding sustainable solutions through working with local communities and addressing local conditions – and sharing globally.

There are three particularly important foundational ‘places’ or contexts in our work: our role as the university of the west of Melbourne; our place on Aboriginal Country; and our responsibilities as a global citizen. Each context guides our thinking and our priorities.

We are building a community that is committed and contributing to place-based planetary health through research, learning and teaching, and through the way we work and engage with our communities and each other.

Planetary health alliance logo

We are proudly a member of the Planetary Health Alliance, a consortium of over 200 universities, non-governmental organisations, research institutes, and government entities from around the world committed to understanding and addressing global environmental change and its health impacts.

Planetary health leaders' statements

Gaye Hamilton, Deputy Chancellor VU

Victoria University has a deep commitment to create a better future for our students and our communities in the west of Melbourne. This future is dependent on the health of our planet, and that is why our university council has made the decision to make planetary health core to how we work across the entire university.

Our actions will be locally focused and globally relevant. We will continue to be united as a university, and join with global networks to build a better future, through contributions that address the challenges facing the health of people, place and planet.

– Gaye Hamilton, Chancellor

Victoria University aims to be a great university of the 21st century, and to achieve this planetary health must be at the centre of our moral purpose.

Through our work to transform the lives of our students and our community, to shape and build a better future, we will use our skills, knowledge and resources in our research, learning and teaching, leadership and management in ways that make a positive contribution to creating a healthier community for our local area, the west of Melbourne and beyond, and a healthier planet for the global community of today and tomorrow.

– Peter Dawkins AO, Vice-Chancellor

Our university is committed to creating future leaders ready to champion the health and wellbeing of our people, place and planet.

We lead by example through our actions on campus, provide opportunity to develop skills and knowledge through our teaching offerings, and create inspiration and impact through our planetary health research.

– Corinne Reid, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research

Ian Ford, CFO

Both as individuals and as a major entity in the west of Melbourne, we recognise our obligation to ensure the sustainability of our local communities and the long-term health of our planet.

We understand the future is shaped by the decisions we make today, and that environmental, social and economic sustainability should be guiding principles in our decisions making.

– Ian Ford, COO