Youth and technology study wins prize

A Victoria University researcher has written the year's best academic article for a leading marketing journal.

School of International Business researcher Dr Torgeir Watne won the Emerald Literati Network prize for 'most outstanding paper' in the journal Young Consumers: Insight and Ideas for Responsible Marketers about a study on young people's influence on older people when purchasing high-tech products.

The paper explored how children function as socialisation agents for their parents and influence purchase intentions for computers and high-tech products.

"Children were seen to possess expert power over their parents with regards to computer related and small high-tech products," Dr Watne said. "Also, men are perceived as being more knowledgeable than women, a phenomenon which leads mothers to be more inclined to seek a son's advice."

The study implies that when children are seen as experts by their parents, they become important agents of secondary socialisation.

"Marketers of computer-related and small high-tech products like smart phones can benefit from the findings when promoting these products to children and parents," he said.

Meanwhile another Faculty of Business and Law researcher, Professor Terrence Hallahan from the School of Accounting and Finance, was 'highly commended' by the Emerald Literati Network for an article "Women and Risk Tolerance in an Aging World" published in the International Journal of Accounting and Information Management

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