Young VU entrepreneurs prepare for life after university

A group of Victorian university students are heeding the financial crisis and job shortages by getting the edge on their peers, through developing a self directed business with the assistance of Young Achievement Australia (YAA) and Kraft Foods Australia/New Zealand.

YAA is an Australian wide not-for-profit initiative that aims to develop business enterprise skills in young Australians and build partnerships with businesses such as Kraft Foods. Over the course of the 24-week programme, employees from Kraft Foods have mentored and supported Dyanamic’s young entrepreneurs to build their company, design and sell an innovative product to then manage a structured liquidation.

11 proactive students from a range of Victorian universities have joined forces to create their own company, self titled Dyanamic, as part of YAA’s business skills programme.

Dyanamic’s business idea is centred on the development of reusable greeting cards, known as Everlasting Cards. Retailing for $5.00, the cards are reusable through the use of a laminate coating, which provides a wipe clean surface – it’s a practical and environmental solution to giving cards on those special occasions.

Simon Talbot, Head of Corporate Affairs Kraft Foods Australia/New Zealand, is a keen mentor of Dyanamic and believes that one of the biggest challenges facing university graduates is that they all expect to get a job straight away once they complete their course. 

“Unfortunately given the current climate, this is not the case and it will be those graduates with sound business acumen that will be better prepared for the external environment,” he said.

With unemployment on the rise for people aged 15 to 24, finding work after graduation is become increasingly difficult. That is why Van Long Tieu, a marketing student at Victoria University, decided to join the YAA business skills programme.

“The programme has given me a lot of different business administration work which has been very helpful as I have been able to apply my academic knowledge to a specific situation” said Van.

Kerry Huynh, also a Victoria University student, decided to join YAA to build some business skills because she wants to get into the field of Human Resources.

Van and Kerry will be selling their Everlasting Cards around the Victoria University St. Albans campus over the next couple of weeks and can be contacted at [email protected] or [email protected]

To learn more about Dyanamic and Everlasting cards please visit

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