VU Student Ambassador Program 2012

Student Ambassadors are current Victoria University students who work with the Marketing and Communications Department (MCD) to promote VU. An ambassador is an expert in their field of study and is required to share their expertise with prospective students on their course and university experience.

Other aspects of the Student Ambassador role are: administrative work, public speaking, event organisation, presentations, campus yours, school visits, PPP (Portfolio Partnership Program) workshops and community events

Ambassadors also have the opportunity to work at a range of events including: VU Open Day, TIS (Tertiary Information Services) events, MCE (Melbourne Careers Expo), Age VCE Expo, VCE Lecture Series, VU sponsored Western Bulldog games.

So what's required?

You need to be enthusiastic about your course and about VU. You should also want to share your enthusiasm and experience with prospective students.

As a student ambassador you will undertake 10 voluntary hours prior to receiving payment as a VU employee. As an employee of the university you will be required to uphold the VU Values and adhere to the VU code of conduct (available upon request).

What's in it for you?

  • Enhance your public relations, communication and leadership skills
  • Gain valuable work experience
  • Broaden your networks
  • Meet new people
  • Give back to your University
  • Have fun!

Student Leadership Model (SLM)

The Student Ambassador Program falls within the Student Leadership Model (SLM). The SLM program develops leadership abilities amongst current students. Students will demonstrate and learn leadership through actions, learning, qualifications and industry and community partners. These different areas will provide students with the capabilities to develop their leadership abilities through relevant experience, workshops and on the job learning.

The SLM program also provides many non financial benefits for Student Ambassadors such as free professional development, opportunity to attend workshops and seminars and the opportunity to gain qualification through recognition of prior learning (RPL).

Please email your CV if you are interested by 5.00pm, Friday 23 March 2012 or for further information contact:

Donny Lay
Student Ambassador Program Manager
[email protected]

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