VU researchers lead online debate

Victoria University experts are leading online debates on everything from craft beer to climate change through the Conversation.

Victoria University academics in 2013 published 80 articles on the Conversation - an independent source of news and views, sourced from the academic and research community.

Since joining the site nearly three years ago, 90 of our researchers have contributed a total of 210 articles.

These have been read by 748,261 unique readers, making Victoria University 16th (by readership) out of 488 universities and research institutes from the US, Europe and Australia represented on the site.

The Conversation Editor and Executive Director Andrew Jaspan said the site had continued to grow its readership in 2013, recently hitting 1.4 million unique visitors a month. He said this showed the appetite for informed opinion in public debate, which researchers were well-placed to provide.

"As ever, our core remit remains to provide the public with trusted content and unlock the expertise within universities and research institutes," Mr Jaspan said.

The top 20 most-read Victoria University Conversation articles for 2013 are:

  1. Eat me, drink me – fuelling riders in the Tour de France by Dr Andre Nelson & Dr Simon Outram
  2. Fire and climate change – don’t expect a smooth ride by Professor Roger Jones
  3. Building a Tour de France-winning body: know your muscles by Dr David Rouffet & Dr Cedric Lamboley
  4. High performance chocolate milk: why most sports supplements are more spin than substance by Dr Brianna Newland
  5. Health Check: high intensity micro workouts vs traditional regimes by Associate Professor Nigel Stepto & Dr Chris Shaw
  6. Buying sex should be banned in Australia by Dr Meagan Tyler
  7. Uncertainty no excuse for procrastinating on climate change by Professor Roger Jones
  8. Leaders’ debate: experts respond by Dr Tom Clark
  9. ATARs – you may as well use postcodes for university admission by Claire Brown
  10. Rooty Hill people’s forum: experts respond by Dr Tom Clark
  11. Rural women face judgement and misinformation on family planning by Heather Gridley
  12. Time to stop hiding behind warming trends by Professor Roger Jones
  13. Small brands, big impact: why craft beer is top of the hops by Dr Torgeir Watne
  14. Rudd vs Abbott people’s forum: experts respond by Dr Tom Clark
  15. What’s that smell? Water saving’s unintended consequences by Nyoman Marleni & Dr Nitin Muttil
  16. Whole grains are better for you but they’re no panacea by Kristina Nelson, Professor Lily Stojanovska & Professor Michael Mathai
  17. Lance Armstrong, doping and the illusion of control by Dr David Rouffet & Professor Hans Westerbeek
  18. Airline lounge war could prove futile for Qantas and Virgin by Dr Maxwell Winchester
  19. Facebook misogyny: ’slut shaming’ or just woman hating? by Dr Meagan Tyler
  20. Fighting and dying: blokes and bushfire in Australia by Dr Meagan Tyler

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