VU offers scholarships to hundreds of students

Victoria University is offering hundreds of scholarships for promising students beginning their university studies in 2015 in one of the most comprehensive scholarship programs in Victoria.

Each year VU awards more than 500 scholarships worth millions of dollars for students at all levels – vocational education (TAFE), undergraduate and postgraduate. These scholarships provide assistance for dedicated students to get a head start, and demonstrate the University’s commitment to provide university access to students from diverse cultures and countries, ages, and socioeconomic and educational backgrounds.

ACCESS SCHOLARSHIPS are for students in financial need that might otherwise not have the opportunity to go to university. As the University of Opportunity, Victoria University offers up to 450 Access Scholarships each year – 350 for those in higher education (degrees) and 100 for those in vocational education (TAFE).

ACHIEVEMENT SCHOLARSHIPS reward up to 100 secondary school graduates from Melbourne’s west who have a record of achievement within their own school. VU offers two scholarships to every secondary school in Melbourne’s west – one for a vocational education student, and one for a higher education student. Higher education recipients receive $5000 a year for up to four years, while vocational education recipients receive $2000 a year for up to two years.

Achievement Scholarship recipient Nathan Kennedy, a first-year Bachelor of Applied Science (PE) student said his scholarship opened a door for him to make connections that he would not have otherwise made.

CHANCELLOR’S SCHOLARSHIPS recognise the talent and potential of promising secondary school graduates who have achieved an ATAR score of 90.00 or more. Up to 100 Chancellor’s Scholarships are available. Applicants must list Victoria University on their VTAC course preference list. Recipients also get leadership training and an opportunity to work with an industry mentor.

Chancellor’s Scholarship recipient Keary Karaolides, a first-year Bachelor of Business (Accounting) student said having Alan Kohler – one of Australia's most prominent financial analysts – as his mentor was incredible for his personal and professional development.   

OTHER SCHOLARSHIPS are available from VU for specific categories of students including Indigenous Australians, refugees and elite athletes. 

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