VU ERP graduates - Getting job ready!

On 3 November 2010, the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Job Ready Day was held at City Flinders campus with more than 30 graduating students in attendance. The event was designed to bridge the gap between getting a degree and getting a job.

A panel of highly experienced and respected industry representatives discussed topics including current trends, pathways for employment and the experience of moving from university to the workplace. The interactive afternoon sessions covered interview practices and how graduates could best present themselves to prospective employers.

IT consultant and former VU student, Chinmay Desai praised the event, saying "I think such events can greatly help students and graduates experience different facets of job search practices and prepare to face real world scenarios."

The event was coordinated by VU's Student Career Development and supported by senior lecturer Stephen Paull from the Faculty of Business and Law.

He said, "While there is a high demand for ERP/SAP [System Analysis and Program development] skills at the moment, these students do not have a lot of relevant work experience, so first impressions are very important. The aim of the ERP Job Ready Day was to prepare them for applying for jobs when they complete their course."

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