VU College administration staff get motivated and inspired

A number of administration staff from VU College recently attended the annual Victorian TAFE Administrative Officer's Conference. The theme of the conference was 'Motivate and Inspire', and it was held at the NMIT Preston campus. It was an opportunity for VU College staff members to network, step away from their desks and do something different.

The sessions covered motivational tips, office space guidelines and a presentation on the future of TAFE.

The theme was most strongly exhibited through a key-note address from Anna Healey.  Anna is a competitive sailor, school teacher and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) sufferer, and her moving speech greatly inspired those in attendance.

VU College was also represented by Christine Mountford, who gave a presentation to other TAFE institutions on the Mobile Gateways project. It was an opportunity for VU to showcase its many achievements, as well as the impressive Gateways vehicle which takes the university into the wider community.

The VU College administration staff who attended felt the day was important and helpful. They were also gratified by the acknowledgement given to the importance of the work done by administrative staff across all the institutions represented.

The conference was a proactive approach to the work that administrators do, and it is highly recommended that any who missed out this year consider attending in 2011. Not only is it a helpful and educational practice, but also an enjoyable day.


VU College staff attending the  Victorian TAFE Administrative Officers' Conference

Conference attendees in the Mobile Gateways Vehicle (MGV)

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