VU assists students affected by the bushfire crisis

The bushfires that have destroyed parts of Victoria have affected many students materially and psychologically. Recognising these difficult times, the University provides accommodation assistance, financial and counselling services to students in need. A full list of contacts is available below.

Accommodation assistance is available from the VU Housing Service for students seeking accommodation and information about bond payment options.

Student Welfare offers financial assistance in finding out about claiming crisis payments from Centrelink, paying bills, and managing your money.  We offer short term loans, grants and scholarships to eligible students.

The University Grants scheme assists in time of extreme financial hardship. Students are invited to contact Student Welfare to arrange an appointment on any VU campus. Scholarships may also be available. Talk to a Student Welfare Officer or contact the Scholarships Office to find out more. Interest-free short term loans of up to $500 are available if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Students affected by the devastation who are unable to continue studying when the higher education census date or the four weeks VE/FE withdrawal date has passed are encouraged to apply for a Remission or Refund in Special Circumstances. A successful application for remission would result in a refund of tuition fees or student contributions paid upfront, and any HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP debt being cancelled. Applications are assessed individually and take into consideration each student's circumstances, along with their supporting documentation.

Students affected by the bushfires will need counselling, but some may find counselling assists in managing the psychological impact of this disaster, and dealing with study. Appointments can be made for any campus.

Information sessions will be conducted on most campuses in the next few weeks. 
See the events listings for more information.

Accommodation support

Financial assistance

Scholarships Office

Counselling support

  • Phone: +61 3 9919 4418, +61 3 9919 8801, or +61 3 9919 2399


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