Victoria University Student Union - Policy statements and election information

The Victoria University Student Union (VUSU Inc) is the peak organisation representing the interests of all students at Victoria University. Students nominate and elect other students to the Executive Committee and Campus Branch Committees of VUSU.

International students can nominate or elect other international students to the International Students Association (ISA) Committee as a general or campus representative. The ISA is affiliated with VUSU Inc.  Postgraduate students can nominate or elect other Postgraduate students to the Postgraduate Student Association (VUPA) The VUPA is affiliated with VUSU Inc.


VUSU Inc Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is responsible for the management of VUSU Inc. and its policies, functions and activities.

VUSU Executive Office Bearer positions are:

  • President
  • General Secretary
  • Vice President
  • Education Welfare Officer
  • Equity Officer
  • Events and Activities Officer
  • Multimedia Officer

Campus Branch
At each campus a local Branch Committee is elected to the following positions:

  • Chairperson
  • 5 General Representatives

 Position Descriptions

Executive Committee
Position descriptions for the executive committee are available from the Returning Officer. A student bursary is currently available for each executive committee position.

Campus Branch Positions
There are no specified position descriptions for Campus Branch positions, however each elected representative is responsible for contributing to the management of the Branch.

Nominations received

At the conclusion of the Nomination period for the 2009 elections the following students are declared elected to positions for which a poll was not required. Several positions received multiple nominations for which a poll is required.

Ticket registration is where a group of students wish to nominate as a named group. Two ticket registrations were received and both submitted policy statements.


 The voting system for the VUSU election was changed several years ago  to make it easier and quicker for students to vote.

Now you have a choice of either filling out the individual ballot papers or simply placing the number one (1) next to the ticket of your choice on the front page of the pack of ballot papers. If you choose to vote using the ticket approach the votes will then flow through to the candidate or candidates who are standing for that ticket in each individual election. However, if you vote for a front page ticket, as well as filling out individual ballot papers, your front page vote will be the vote that is counted for all the elections.

Counting votes

Section 10.4 of the VUSU Election Regulations requires voting to be by quota optional preferential system of proportional representation.

Optional preferential means you mark 1 beside the candidate of first preference and then you may mark consecutively higher numbers against the names of as many other candidates as you wish, in any order you wish.

Front Page Ticket votes are restricted to the candidates standing for that Ticket. If you wish to distribute preferences to candidates outside those who are standing for a Ticket, you must fill out all the individual ballots and leave the Front Page Ticket ballot blank.

The quota referred to in the Regulations is worked out by dividing the number of formal votes in the count by one more than the number of positions for election then adding one. For example if there were 1000 formal votes in the poll for the VUSU President, we would divide 1000 by 2 and add 1.

1000 divided by 2 "" 500 + 1     that is 50% + 1

The same calculation is used to find the quota for the 3 SEED editors

1000 divided by 4 = 250 + 1     that is 25% + 1

And for 6 NUS delegates

1000 divided by 7 = 142.86 + 1  that is 14.29% + 1

Please note, Ticket votes are easy and quick, but if you want to vote for a candidate from one ticket for one position and a candidate from a different ticket in another position, or an independent candidate, you need to fill out all the individual ballot papers.

Polling booths

The VUSU elections will be conducted from Tuesday 6 to Thursday 8 October, 2009 inclusive.

LocationTuesday, 6 OctobeWednesday, 7 OctoberThursday, 8 October
Footscray Park- Atrium, building M 10am "" 4pm 10am "" 4pm 10am "" 4pm
St Albans - Cafeteria,  building 9 10am "" 4pm    
Werribee - Cafeteria   10am "" 4pm  
City Flinders Lane -  Student Lounge   10am-4pm  
City Queen "" Outside the library, Level 2 10am-4pm    
City King Street - Student lounge     10am -4pm
Melton - Cafeteria     10am "" 4pm
Footscray Nicholson - Cafeteria     10am "" 4pm
Newport - Cafeteria   10am "" 4pm  
Sunshine- Cafeteria, building E 10am -4pm    
Sunbury -Student lounge, building 5 10am "" 4pm    

Complaints or Objections   

(Section 19 VUSU Election Regulations)

Any student eligible to vote may claim a breach of the VUSU regulations provided that the claim:

  • Is made in writing
  • Is supported by at least two (2) other students eligible to vote
  • Is made no more than five (5) calendar days after the closure of the poll

Upon declaration of the election any student eligible to vote may dispute the declaration of the poll provided that:

  • Any claim is made in writing
  • Is supported by at least two (2) other students eligible to vote
  • Is made no more than five calendar days after the closure of the poll


Complaints shall be submitted to:

Via post

  • The returning officer
  • Victoria University student union elections
  • Footscray Park Campus
  • PO Box 14428 MCMC, VIC 8001
or in person
    • The returning officer
    • Student Advisory Service, Building M, Level 2
    • Footscray Park Campus
    • PO Box 14428 MCMC, VIC 8001
    • Fax: 03 9919 5054

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