Victoria University Student Union - Declaration of the poll

The Victoria University Student Union (VUSU Inc) is the peak organisation representing the interests of all students at Victoria University. Students nominate and elect other students to the Executive Committee and Campus Branch Committees of VUSU.

International students can nominate or elect other international students to the International Students Association (ISA) Committee as a general or campus representative. The ISA is affiliated with VUSU Inc. Postgraduate students can nominate or elect other Postgraduate students to the Postgraduate Student Association (VUPA) The VUPA is affiliated with VUSU Inc.

For the elections conducted in October 2010, the following candidates are declared elected:

VUSU Executive Committee

Jonathon Barlow

Vice President
Saxon Woodroffe

General Secretary
Ryan John Mathews

Education Welfare Officer
Joy Soundias

Equity Officer
Marshall Nicholos

Events & Activities Officer
Mathew Wilkinson

Multimedia Officer
Lauren Kidston

National Union of Students (NUS)

John Barlow
Saxon Woodroffe
Matthew Wilkinson
Ryan John Mathews
Penelope Antoniou-Libreri
Marshall Nicholos

International Students' Association (ISA)

Garry Kuan
Wang Ru
Liu Kuha
Deni Ridwan
Zulfarhan Ibrahim
Mingya Liang
Thu Huynh Anh Pham
Jing Xing
Chenxi Tang

Campus Positions (ISA)
Abdul Rahim Yazdari
An Pham Hong Nguyen
Do Tan Khang
Wu Yang
Qian Miao

Victoria University Postgraduates Association (VUPA)

Campus Position (VUPA)
Estty Purwadiani Hidayatie

Campus Representatives

Footscray Park Chairperson
Matthew Gaite

Footscray  Park General Representatives
Mohamed Abdi
Jessica Condon
Steve Monev
Nicholas Green
Justin Leaney

St Albans
Kavita Manohar
General Representative
Sameeram Arif
Alice Maria Stoiadin
Stefanie Edwards
Anthea Petrou
Amber Hodgson

Breanna Towers

General Representative
Rachel Peirce

Queen Street
Rami Addus

City Flinders
Claire Richardson
General Representatives
Saxon Woodroffe
Katherine Reily
Melissa Arnts
Paige Towers
Rex Barton-Smith
Queen Street General  Representatives
Bashir Ali Mohamed
Pietro Melasecca
Tea Zilic
A S *
Nicole Cameran

  • Russell Woodley
  • Returning Officer
  • Level 2, Building M, Footscray Park Campus
  • Phone: +61 3 9919 4061 or0403 115 347
  • Fax: +61 3 9919 5054

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